Whether you’re single or married, celebrating Valentine’s or Galentine’s (it’s a thang!),  everyone can use a little more love in our lives! Why not incorporate some more love in the place you spend the most time- your home.

 Here are some easy ways to find a little love in your heart for the place you lay your head at night.

  • Clean it

As women, we sometimes only see the imperfections of our homes. Enlist your kids to have a marathon cleaning session, or even better, splurge and hire a cleaning service. There is no time I love my home more than when it’s clean!!

farmhouse table

  •  Fill it with things you love

Good reason to use decor: because you love it

Bad reasons: because you were gifted it; bought it 10 years ago; it was passed down, etc.

You get the point. Only use things you love.

  • Reframe your perspective

Yes, your home may not look like it’s featured on HGTV. But it is pretty great if only because it is a warm place for you and your family. While there may be some things you want to change, think back to the memories you have made there and remember that it’s been a wonderful blessing!

What is one easy thing that you can do to help you love your home? Reply and make it known!


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