I. Love. My. Bathroom.⁠ I couldn’t be happier to share my master bathroom retreat reveal with you today.

My master bathroom is my place to retreat. An oversized freestanding tub and large shower allow me to get away from the stress of the day. I used marble in contrasting shapes and coordinating lighting to make this truly feel like a get away! A final French mosaic saying “Madame and Monsieur” makes sure my husband doesn’t stray too far to store his cologne on my vanity.  Just kidding. If anyone overruns the bathroom countertop with products, its me. Thankfully these vanities have large baskets to corral all the supplies I may need one day. ⁠

My Bathtub

I have never gushed about a bathtub. But when I saw this on Instagram, it stopped me in my scroll. Wow. That is one fine tub. When I reached out to @vintagetub, I was pleasantly surprised at how wonderful they were to work with! ⁠

(One of my favorite things about Vintage Tub was how easy they made the process. So many of these companies make things complicated, but Vintage Tub was refreshingly simple. They recommended the tub based on what I said I wanted, and even helped me find the faucet and suggested that I add a drain when I forgot it! Haha! I really appreciated that.)⁠

I definitely need a drain, and I appreciate the professional team at Vintage tub watching out for me b/c my baths are VERY IMPORTANT TO ME. They didn’t seem like they were “too big” to take the time to answer my questions, and I really got hands on attention with my purchase. ⁠

I really enjoyed working with this team and not to mention that this tub is a serious work of art. I am thrilled with it!⁠


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