Does the thought of setting up more than a Christmas tree make you feel kinda stressy? OR if you’re like me, it excites you like no other. Thoughts of amping up the holiday charm in multiple spaces of our home (and not just for stuffing gifts underneath), oh yes! We started noticing this hot holiday trend and decided to give it a try. We love the turnout and know you will too. If you’re up for it, you too can master holiday style with multiple Christmas trees this year. Or feel free to steal some inspiration for just one.

decorating with multiple Christmas trees

Add a touch of Christmas

In every room! It’s all about texture, color, and pattern. I placed a skinny whimsical tree smack dab in the middle of the window for the boys’ room. At night, when the tree lights are on, the twinkling effect looks stunning from the outside!

We packed this tree to the brim! Bows, glass glitter ornaments, and polka dot burlap ribbon. What else catches your eye?

By the way, how charming is our soft felt Christmas-countdown-stocking garland?

Decorating with multiple Christmas trees in the Kitchen & Dining Area

For the boys’ bedroom, we loved a bold and classic red theme. For the kitchen, we kept it more simple. We spread out a few mini trees and let their natural alpine green hues shine. Adding some organic trees without a lot of decor channels a less-is-more mentality.

If you want to hit the organic note a bit harder–try adding as much earth-inspired decor as possible! Reclaimed wood bowls (or shelves), pine cone ornaments, and dried fruit garlands will sure do the trick! We also added in some faux macaroon ornaments. Don’t they look just like the real thing?

Master Bedroom

We continued this natural look in our master bedroom and followed symmetry. Symmetry in a bedroom promotes calmness and makes the space feel more balanced. Plus, the human eye is naturally drawn to symmetrical placements! Then, we placed two faintly lit trees on both sides of our nightstands. Look at these trees’ faux brown trunks! This is a nice alternative to the cheaper faux trees with plastic or metal centers.

There isn’t a lot of natural light in our bedroom, so we hung a pair of vintage windows on the wall to give that illusion.

Living Room

We also placed a few miniature trees in our living space but used our main tree as the focal point. We also love the idea of going double or triple–if you’ve got the space! This way, you can group multiple trees in one corner.

If you opt in to have multiple trees, there’s more flexibility. You can decorate all trees the same or let each tree stand out on its own. Our main tree sure is a showstopper!

By the way, should you go Faux or Real?

We use both. For some rooms, we pick faux trees because we find them easier to use. And they come in all different sizes. We especially like to use mini ones for our vignettes. And the bigger faux ones are collapsible–which means they’re easy to put up and take down. And we can use the same tree every year instead of trashing a real one every year.

With a real tree, you do need to water it. It will drop needles. AND maybe harbor bugs. If that makes you go… eeeeekkk! We get it.

But, faux trees aren’t biodegradable. And, buying a real tree allows you to support your local farmers. Real trees also smell wonderful. Their natural pine scents hit every inch of your home and nostrils to amp up holiday freshness.

Some people are very allergic to real trees! So it’s understandable why a faux tree may be their only option.

Whether you decide on a faux or real tree really is a personal preference. Based on your lifestyle and priorities–pick a perfect fit for you and your home.

I know it may feel like double the work when decorating with multiple Christmas trees, but we promise it’s guaranteed to have a big holiday presence in your home.

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