Master Bedrooms Mothers Will Love–Befores and Afters

TRUE or FALSE: master bedrooms are frequently WAY DOWN the priority list when it comes to (re)decorating?

From my reader/client feedback, I have to say, sadly, that it’s true. But, really, folks, the master bedroom/suite is very important! It’s meant to be your haven at home, a sanctuary of sanity in what can sometimes be family craziness.

(Except at my house, where the boys think our room and bath are just an extension of theirs. And, hey, who left those wet towels on the floor??)

If you’re a mom, tell your family how they could make you delirious (in a good way) this Mothers Day with a promise of a master bedroom redo.  I know a designer who can Help You Out!

This master bedroom for my Frisco clients was part of a whole house redecorating plan.  They could have said, “Well, let’s concentrate on the public spaces now and we’ll get back to doing our room–oh, you know, sometime…” but they seized the opportunity to finally get the tranquil space they’d been wanting in this busy family of six. So, reader poll: would you rather go off to dreamland in Exhibit A, above, or in (before) Exhibit B, below?

  That’s what I thought.  Me, too.

Maybe your master bedroom project is just a dream that’s never (yet) come true. But when I worked with these clients, identified their style and crafted a vision, we were able to turn their dreams into reality. We went from “so-sad-mattress-on-the-floor” or “Well, we’ve just never made our room a priority…” to these happy, inviting spaces that delight and welcome every day.

Grey and blue stunner, before,  is below. Cue frowny face.

Now, I totally understand that it often takes a while to get set up if you’ve just moved in. You have to develop a feel for your new place and think through what you might like to do with it.  But more than one of my clients has asked for help with a master bedroom because, although they had been set up for quite some time, the effect was just so…meh. Like this, below.

Working with the homeowners to get a vision for their rustic ranch home, we came up with this instead!

Isn’t the paneled tray ceiling a knockout? And how about those pendants over the bed for mood lighting! The owners love the upscale ranch house feel I  created with the rich red accent wall, luxurious fabrics, and deep wood tones.

By the way, the master is a great room to include personal details and mementos of your story together–photos, initials, framed loved letters, and sweet signage.

And I want to be sure to mention that you don’t have to make a clean sweep of your belongings to get a fresh start in the master. My clients already had the bed and we designed with it in mind. But the playful color palette, thoughtful details and new accessories really WOKE UP this tired room! You don’t want your furniture all matchy-matchy, but notice that the curvy chairs echo the curves of the headboard.

A bed, of course, is essential for the room to function as a bedroom. But if there’s space for it, I also like to include a seating area in a bedroom for reading, putting on shoes, etc.

Blue-and-white beauty as it was before is shown below. Yeah, needing some help.

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