Mixing old in new is what comes to mind when you think about farmhouse decor. You might want to look for ideas that seem far away from contemporary design. 

A Vintage inspired farmhouse, in this regard, seems to have revived and uplifted from yesteryear. The popularity and demand can be witnessed as an increasing disenchantment with a fast-paced society today. It might sound bizarre to you, but a modern farmhouse is more like an escape from a demanding and tiring life.

Know that when it comes to upgrading farmhouse style, it is not only to do with advanced technology.  Also, neither is it for-profit nor for leisure.  It is, however, considered a necessity in its own cultural realm.  It is more about creating a technology-less world that has a unique modern spin.

That is to say, if you are looking for some creative ideas to revamp your farmhouse with 2020 style, you must avoid clichés. Plus, it is vital to take an authentic yet crafty high road to upgrade your farmhouse’s features.  Choose pieces and décor that not only has another life and antique feel but look just as glamorous.

Before we plunge into details as to how you can update your farmhouse decor by avoiding cliché, let’s have a brief overview of what a modern farmhouse look is.

A Modern Farmhouse Look – What is It?

There is no denying that a modern farmhouse look is a perfect mélange of old and new features of interior decor. Although it is more like you-know-when-you-see phenomena, it does have some primary tenets.

Tiny, minimalist and mid-century house living has seen a wild demand over the last decades. The decor and interior design trends have moved away from pairing down to matching hues, and materialism.  However, a modern farmhouse decor provides a snapshot of beautiful ‘glory days’ without having to use outdated furnishings.

It is worth mentioning that the modern farmhouse is a part of a broader culture that favors walking communities, farm-to-table cooking, backyard chickens, farmer’s markets, casual food, white dishes, and things like that. It is designed with features that have an aesthetic reflection of a more relaxed and genuinely simpler lifestyle. And it is not necessarily a pretty pastiche.

At its core, a vintage farmhouse has an exterior with rustic woody elements like shutters, columns, and doors. Roofs are more of a gable style with nude colors like gray or black metal. The front porch has industrial flavors with porch or barn-style lighting.  The pro interior designers recommend dark-colored doors to not only avoid outdated style but also to retain a crisp look of the front side. Galvanized planters and white siding are some more features of the modern farmhouse for fashionable accents.

How to Update a Farmhouse without any Cliché

If you don’t want any country clichés or outmode style and looking for an authentic and farmhouse chic décor, we have some ideas to show how you can mix a true heirloom and vintage feel with some modern upgrades. You can add modern elements that feel refined and timeless, yet incorporate pieces that are authentic and don’t seem cliché.

Avoid Buying Everything from “Farmhouse Collection” or Décor Stores

When we say avoid buying everything from a farmhouse collection, it means deciding wisely before investing money in the décor pieces.

You can incorporate a table with a farmhouse feel. After all, you can add a look you want to give to your country home. The idea is undeniably great, but when you buy the table, sofa, chair, bookcase, frames, and everything else of the same style from the same collection, you have gone from a modern and unique farmhouse to a cliché one.

Nothing will have an original feel if everything is extraordinarily matchy-matchy. Remember that, to design a modern farmhouse takes time and effort. You need to gather the items and pieces for your unique farmhouse design. It may take months before you are able to get the perfect accent chair or frame.

Put simply, your gathered pieces should be the items you hunted for. Do not buy them just because the decor store was offering a “buy one get three free deal.” Also, you can add your great grandma’s trunk and heirloom pieces or your aunt’s old school photo. All these things will not only look good but also make a story for pieces you have used. They are also good to have a conversation around too.

Go with Monochrome Style

The paint color you choose can make or break the whole look of your farmhouse.  No matter what furniture or interior design you choose, if color is not right, it may ruin the impact and feel you wanted to have. This is where the idea of using a one-color theme comes into play. What about going “all white”?

It not only gives a fresher look to the walls but also adds a unique crisp accent to the house. You don’t want to be distracted by the sharp colors of the walls. Instead, you want the walls to look simple enough and complement various spots, furniture, curtains, and decor.

Painting the walls white has another benefit that you might be missing out on. It creates a balance and accentuates interiors impeccably.  Also, you can study how monochrome walls look at different times of the day. Go for White Dove by Benjamin Moore if you want a grayish accent or opt for Simply White for a creamy outlook.


Choose a Variety of Lighting

When it comes to uplifting the farmhouse interior, the right type of lighting can do wonders. But what makes the right type when you are bridging contemporary and modern themes. Whether it is your farmhouse kitchen or backyard, you need to seek out some exotic new and old lanterns and sconces such as 1940’s ship lights that Dutch used to hang in their mudroom.

Go for vintage fixtures instead of lots of pendants and chandeliers to add a unique texture to your home. Plus, Edison-style bulbs in the fixtures will not only diminish a cliché interior design but also make a contrast with the vintage fixtures and give a warm glow. To add ambiance, you can place candles.

Avoid Clutter – Give Your Farmhouse a Breathing Room

Today’s farmhouse design look encourages a lot of stuff! For instance, a shelf filled with too many things, a drying rack with all posts filled with mugs, utensil holders, and not even a single empty wall in the entire house.

Cluttering things never gives a look you want to achieve.  That is why it is important to give your farmhouse some breathing room. No matter how much you love designing and how many things and items you have for this, decorating your farmhouse with a purpose is essential.  

In other words, you must not overcrowd pieces or furniture.  Be mindful of creating some open space and avoid clutter. Your house should have a relaxing feel and the right balance of everything. Add one big tapestry or painting or maybe something simpler to the wall instead of a heavily decorated gallery wall.

What Else!

 2020 has some old traditions spiraling on the modern trend scale. Wallpapers, frame molding, stones, and dried, fresh flowers are some of the items that can help you design a character-themed farmhouse.  All you need is to focus on the pretty details to keep up the trendy stuff. You can also go for texture paint, especially in the hallways, to give it a refreshing and timeless feel.