Gifts NOT to get Mom for Mother’s Day–and One that Will Win You FAVORITE Status!

Google this: “gifts not to get Mom for Mother’s Day”.  You’ll find reference to such no-no’s as

-Chia pets

-obscure kitchen gadgets

-As Seen on TV items

-parenting books

-ANY home cleaning appliance!

Here’s one, though, that could put you on the Favorite Kid/Husband list for a looooong time: the promise of a master bedroom redo.  Hmmmm. Can you think of a designer who could help you with this?

Inspiration #1

This master bedroom redo in Rockwall. So light, bright, textural, and soothing.

But to appreciate the change this master underwent, you have to see the Before:

Hard to believe it’s the same room, isn’t it? But I knew that banishing the brown (except the lovely wide-plank floors) and some thoughtful attention to furniture and fabric choices would effect a major renew for this master. And did it ever!  So what’s your favorite aspect of this room? I really like the upholstered chest with nailhead trim! In the personal touches category, definitely the silhouettes of the daughters. (A master is a great place for photos and memorabilia from your family story!)

Inspiration #2

I can’t tell you how much I love these sensuously-shaped mirrors and the tufted velvet upholstered bed in this re-imagined clients’ master! With the pale blush paint, mirrored nightstands and subtly-toned area rug, we created a truly luxe look here that my clients fell for big time.

“There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy”—and this redecorated bedroom is definitely one of them! I think it goes without saying that we improved this space. But, just the same–I’m sayin’!

It was definitely time for some changes. Just look at the Before:

Addressing family members now: if you really, really want to make mom a macaroni necklace, I say ok–but only if you’re 6 or under.  But for the rest, I’m pleased to direct you to one of my client’s reactions when her husband arranged with me to create the gift of a new office for his wife. If that response is any measure, I can say with assurance that some moms in the DFW area are going to be delighted by some bright new spaces in their homes this year!   Whether master bedroom or craft room or home office or family room–I would love to help you. Let’s talk!

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