Shuffling shoes, dirt, and clutter, we’re coming for you.

We’re going to capture loads of dirty foot traffic AND say goodbye to chaotic entries. How does that sound?

With our savvy techniques, you can carve out mudroom ideas in your home right now. And yes, this still holds true even if you’ve got a teeny-tiny entryway. Regardless of your current home size OR layout, you can achieve a mudroom or drop zone in your space. Plus, who couldn’t use more storage in their entryway?

A place to chuck keys, hang winter coats, and tuck away clutter in pretty, tall cabinets— ooh la la!

We’ll tell you how you can design these heavy-duty spaces to function and look beautiful for your home and family. Here are our most trusty tips on how you can set up mudroom ideas in your space:

➊ Use Vertical Storage Mudroom Ideas 

Just because you have a small entryway or mudroom, doesn’t mean you CAN’T pack it up with function. Choose the right furniture-storage-accessory combo.

And you’ll combat clutter Marie Kondo style.

Here is where pegged storage serves a fantastic purpose. If you use a strong set of hooks and sturdy shelves, you can hang everything from scarves, tennis rackets, to gym bags.

Don’t forget — use reinforced hooks with studs.

This way, your heavy equipment or winter gear will hang on tight.

As you use vertical wall space, you save on horizontal floor space.

Creating vertical storage also looks more attractive. By mixing open shelving with closed storage, you’ll get the best look. For example, opt-in for vertical shelving with cubbies and closed units. You can keep unsightly items tucked away without much effort. End result? Your mudroom will look clutter-free 24/7 without constant cleaning.

Plus, if you use baskets for smaller items, you can categorize each basket.

Take it a step further.

Use fun printed labels or chalkboard labels that name each category. Try creating a column per person and label it this way. Now, each family member has their station when heading in or out. Monogrammed nameplates can be a nice touch, too. 


➋ Get Creative with Location

If you know what to add to your entryway station, but can’t think of a place to put one, don’t fret! There are so many places you can carve out space in your home for a mudroom. 

With the right cabinets, hooks, and a small session of “thinking outside the box,” you can create one. For example, use a wall in your garage that’s located right by your entrance door. Or, try rearranging cabinetry and adjacent closets. This reorganizing can help you achieve one in your utility room. 

☆ Bonus

Consider switching to a tankless water heater, which would free up some real estate as I did here!

If all else fails, transform your coat closet! If you have a coat closet at the front entrance of your home, remove its doors. Then, measure your space and add a bench or vertical cubbies and tall cabinets. Keep this space open and form storage solutions that niche your clutter. 

➌ DIY Mudroom Ideas

Make the most out of your mudroom and entryway by adding custom work. For example, if you have a small entryway, you don’t always have to buy ready-made pieces like hall trees.

According to the size and shape of your layout, buy individual hooks, cubbies, benches, and baskets. Build a custom bench and/or vertical cabinets for the space.

Use an existing dresser and remove the drawers, replacing each section with a basket. Arrange each piece in a way that maximizes your space and storage. Don’t overstuff, though! If you also don’t have room for a bench or stools, use foldable x-based stools. Fold them in and out as needed.


➍ Mix and match the right accessories 

A mudroom has a heavy-duty job. There’s a lot of dirty foot traffic, especially for sports-loving families. SO, this space needs to stand up well. A functional AND beautiful mudroom is achievable for you. 

Accessory ⓵

Say no to industrial outdoor grey carpets, which can give you a “doctor office” vibe. This is your home, and you don’t have to sacrifice style for function. So, we urge you… don’t throw down ANY old grey rug in your mudroom. Pick a tough one. Choose a hardworking rug with bristles. This way, it will conquer dirty shoes and be easy to clean. For example, add a strong jute rug. Jute rugs come in ALL different colors and styles. Why not say yes to a stylish update and decrease dirt trails on your floor?

☆ Pro tip

Use rug grips, so it doesn’t slide around. You won’t need to adjust it all the time, AND no one will fall. 

Accessory ⓶

Choose bright, fun colored hardware like ceramic printed knobs or accent metals like amber gold. Then, layer artwork on top of your cabinet for a beautiful juxtaposition. If you have space, place a leaning floor mirror. Besides being functional, this accessory can help your space appear larger than it is.

Accessory ⓷

Opt-in for easy-to-clean and natural storage options. Wicker and rattan baskets are moisture-resistant and easy to clean. Baskets are superheroes for hiding clutter and storing the small and big stuff you don’t want to display. Think school supplies or magazines. Tuck your baskets into locker niches for a mudroom that looks organized all day long. Open nooks and shelves are also easy to clean. Open shelving is great for giving you instant access to whatever you store in your mudroom. 

Whichever accessories work for you, consider adding those too! For example, a raised ornamental motif boot tray to keep snow and wet shoes off the floors.

Are you scrambling all over your home to find your keys or son’s soccer shoes AS you’re running out the door in the morning?

Where do you drop off stuff in your home, and HOW can you make that drop off process easier? If you’re a family on the go (like mine), any organizing solution that can make my life easier is always on the TOP of my list.

Better yet, if I can leave an item somewhere and find it in the same spot hours later, I’m a happy trooper.

I hope you enjoyed these mudroom ideas. Thanks for coming by! Leave your comments on my Facebook page!

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