Their new home was finally finished, and they loved it.

But as soon as my clients moved in, they realized it needed—something. It lacked those finishing touches that take a new build from “OK, it’s done” to “Oh, wow, I’m in LOVE with my new home!”

new build to designed spaces

The living room. You know, it was fine: nice features and finishes and some good neutral sofas.  We just needed to bring it all together. My team and I got to work.

Forever Home Tip #1 – Use color to unite your elements.

new build to designed spaces

First we fixed the chair mismatch by buying a second blue and cream chair. These became the starting point for our new scheme.  (And I loved the oversized print!) Then we did some Decorator Math: we added the blue patterned rug and pillows to unite the upholstered pieces, and we subtracted the heavy, dark end tables, swapping them out for two that are lighter in structure and color. And also round, to break up all the angles.

(Do all your wood pieces have to match? Absolutely not! If they do, you’re in your grandmother’s home. Now we love Grandma, but the day of matched suites of furniture is OVER.)

Forever Home Tip #2 – Soften your windows with curtains.

Yes, the blue ties in the color, but the soft texture at the windows also gives a welcoming feel to this room.

new build to designed spaces

Forever Home Tip #3 – Accessorize–with a light touch.

My clients had opted out of the builder’s shelves beside the fireplace, but later felt that the walls needed something.  So we installed floating shelves, which provide the perfect spot for a few well-placed accessories.  Remember, a few larger pieces are more appealing than a hundred little knicknacks scattered here and there. (If you’re moving from another home, use this opportunity to pare down STUFF, keeping only the items you love and that contribute to the look you want in your new place.)

new build to designed spaces   media room playroom before   media room playroom before

Next we tackled the playroom/media room.  This was pretty much a blank slate, but my clients gave me a great head start by letting me know they’re huge STAR WARS fans. Well, just turn me loose with THAT! We had fun picking a favorite quote from the movies: “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi…”

media room playroom after

This family had LOTS of Star Wars collectibles and toys already, so we pillaged their collection, added a few judicially selected items, and used it all to outfit both the playroom side and the media room. But only after painting both areas a deep moody black, perfect for movie nights–AND imaginative play in a galaxy far, far away.

So, Forever Home Tip #4 – PAINT! 

media room after

Be gone, builder beige!  This is YOUR home now, and you can personalize it to your tastes and needs.

media room after

If you don’t overdo it (and you don’t go buy one whole aisle at the hobby and decor store), starting with a theme in a blah room can kick start your creativity. To add a fun punch to our Star Wars theme, we came up with this locker and accessorized with All The [Star Wars] Things.

I’m out of room for today! Check back here soon and you’ll see how we used these tips (and one more!) in the kitchen and dining room!

Ready to make your newly-constructed home truly yours? I would love to help you! Let’s talk!

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