Hey, happy summer 2021! It feels so great to be out and about without masks, right? We are finishing up little details of our new home build and really settling in to our rural life. Today I’m excited to give you a peek at our new master suite–and the lovely sunroom, too!

(Did you catch the tour of my boys’ bedrooms and our guest room? And if you missed the walk-through of our kitchen and family room, catch it here. You’ll find our laundry and mudroom tour here.  It’s such fun to share these spaces after all our dreaming, planning and construction!

warren family new build

Black in a bedroom?

Now, I like for my bedroom to be a comfortable blend between peaceful getaway and dark cave for sleeping. For this reason, our bedroom was the only space in the house where I limited natural light. I chose to place only one large window in here. The dark accent wall, four poster bed, and fireplace all contribute to the cocoon feeling I was going for.

master bedroom

Gotta love a master suite fireplace! I repurposed a vintage mantel family piece for our gas fireplace. Matching bedside tables corral our remotes and cords and hide all the books I am reading at one time.

New and old elements merge beautifully in master

My whole-house theme includes blacks, whites, neutrals and wood tones, so in our bedroom I incorporated these elements, as well.  But I also softened the look by pulling in greys, a touch of blush, and of course some metallic accents.

master bedroom black wall

I love our wood floors throughout the house, but I do like some warm fuzzies underfoot when I step out of bed.  The area rug, with its subdued tones, brings a bit of pattern into the room and is a beautiful compromise between hardwood and carpeting.

master bath rustic bling

Master bath brings some bling to rustic vibe

I’ve lived in historic houses my entire adult life. They are wonderful–so full of life and character!  They also tend to skimp on square footage when it comes to bathrooms and  closets.  In our new build, I finally had room to spread out and build a truly indulgent master bath. We chose matching vanities with ample storage baskets, a freestanding tub, and a roomy marble shower.

marble shower

The oversize marble hex floor tile looks so luxe, don’t you think? Do you love the tile Monsieur/Madame mosaic “rug” in the floor –I do! (No confusion about whose side is whose–and no beard clippings in my sink! LOL) I repeated the marble hex theme with tile insets that highlight the arches.  

rustic bath bling free tub

Team Bath or Team Shower?

Are you a bath or a shower person? I am very much a bath person. I fill my classy black and white freestanding tub to the brim with bubbles, make the water as hot as I can stand, and listen to music as I soak.  It’s not a cleansing–it’s an experience! 

sunroom rope bed

I can’t leave you without sharing my sweet little master bedroom annex–my sunroom. The A/C and fireplace keep this special relaxing spot comfortable all year long! With its verdant views, cozy rope-hung swing bed, and filmy white curtains that filter the sunlight, it’s dreamy in appearance and dreamy for naps, too.  And–it’s a favorite spot to sit with my laptop and dream up decor for my clients.

Do you have a personal space to relax, recupe, and plan your day? If you’re designing your own home, try to plan one in.  You won’t regret a spot where you can retreat from family chaos, whether it’s a seating area in your bedroom, a tucked-away alcove in the family room–or a sunroom with a swing bed!

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