Sure, they’re knee-bangers, but what would we do without coffee tables? There they sit, humbly awaiting our drinks, our remotes, our bookmarked pages, our sock-clad feet.

But just because they’re so useful doesn’t mean coffee tables can’t be a beautiful part of our decor as well. A good starting place for a winning coffee table top is a tray or bowl to hold your items so the arrangement feels intentional. Then the fun really begins.

Always add something living (or faux flowers or plants that mimic live) A few stacked books help create interest by varying the height of your grouping. (Do you love vintage books as much as I do?)

 Work with items you have–wide bowls, lanterns, candleholders, baskets, plants–and move them around until you have a grouping that pleases you. (Bowls help corral remotes, too.)

Vary shapes, and throw in a little metallic sheen.

A game that’s also a graphic decor item could be a nice touch.

 Layer in a little wood, a little metal, a little china, a book–bingo! Just add flowers.
Your coffee table is one part of the story your room tells about you. What is it saying?

Need a little inspiration styling your coffee table or other surfaces in your home? Let’s talk!