Inquiring minds want to know.

That’s why I’ve been busy answering readers’ questions during my Ask a Designer Week on Facebook.  While I might refuse to take sides in such controversies as “TP: Over or Under?” I do have guidance about other important home matters–and you wouldn’t believe how often I get asked some of these questions!

For example, if you join my Facebook Group, you can see my post from Ask a Designer Day 1: Are Accent Walls OUT? See it here. Or read my blog about it here.

Now on to today’s question: how do I pick a paint color I will love?Modern Vintage Farmhouse Rustic Interior Design Dallas Living Room

Really, is there anyone who hasn’t chosen a color from a tiny swatch, finished the project and groaned, “Ohhhh, that’s not what I was going for…”?

Never fear! I have your fix right here, in 3 simple steps. Read on.

how to choose paint color

I’ll tell you right off, it’s impossible to pick a room color based solely on how well the paint swatch matches the color in your chair fabric, your painting, or your bedspread!

So, Step Number 1 is:

a.) Pick the paint chips you THINK will work, based on your general scheme and preferences. A paler tint or a more dark and moody tone? Gray? (Warm or cool?)  Blue? (With more green or more grey in it?) Beige? (Pinkish or yellowish?)

b.) Narrow your choices down to your top three or four and purchase sample sizes of them.  

(I realize this is heady stuff, and many folks don’t feel confident with this part. If we’re working on this project together, I’m glad to help you with it!)

how to choose paint color

Step Number 2:

I can’t underscore how critical this step is.

Buy several sheets of white poster board and paint each with ONE of your sample colors.

how to choose paint color

Step Number 3:

Hang these large samples in several places around your home and LIVE WITH THESE COLORS at all times of the day and night, in natural and in artificial lighting, for several days.

how to choose paint colors

Notice how the color changes from day to night, even based on which wall it’s on. How does it look with overhead lighting?  In lamp light?  Is that grey you love too purple at night?  Is the tan you picked really too peachy? This process will show you. DO NOT WAIT TILL THE PAINTERS ARE COMING to pick your color, and don’t choose from a two-inch paint chip!  You simply must have time to see the color in your home for at least a few days before deciding!

Don’t let paint color defeat you!  I am here to help.  Let’s talk!

how to choose paint color

Have some questions? No problem! I offer a complimentary, no-strings-attached phone call consultation.

Email me to book a call time–and let’s start making design fun!