I have a radical suggestion: let’s get a jump on New Year resolutions and promise ourselves, our friends and families fewer microwaved meals and carryout cartons.
I’ll come right out and say it: let’s be downright counter-cultural and SET THE TABLE! For your holiday party, sure, but how about for your family, too?
During the holidays, we could actually sit down to some pretty place settings and enjoy a meal or two together. Would our kids think us crazy or cool? Let’s try it and find out!
Tip: Special dinnerware spices things up!

There’s something about festive crockery that really amps up the fun  during the holidays. Don’t wait for guests–pull it out for the toaster pastries or the peanut butter sandwiches to make memories any old day! And the sweet centerpiece? Nothing could be simpler: a bread bowl or tray you already have + some jars filled with Epsom salts fake snow and dollar store mini trees!

Tip: Mix seasonal plates with your everyday ware.

A green farmhouse tea towel pulls double duty as a Christmas placemat. The red gingham plates also see action at summer picnics, but how cute during the holidays when paired with the Santa plates? Just add mini stocking to corral the flatware!

Tip: Don’t agonize over the centerpiece. 

A few jars, cans or bottles and some greenery. Done.

Tip: Mix, don’t match.

Another take on the red gingham plates: Here they serve as chargers for the smaller brown transferware and Santa plates. What large plates do you have that could serve as the base for your setting?

My vintage-style tablescape takes its cue from the Shiny Brite-style ornaments and bottle brush tree centerpiece.

Red plaid is a tried and true holiday staple, but any holiday table benefits from a bit of sparkle, whether from glassware, metals, or candlelight. On my table, the gold stripe runner provides a bit of bling and keeps things from being too, too predictable.

I’m inspired to make meals and gatherings more memorable by setting a pretty table!  How about you?

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