I may not have Ninja skills, but when it comes to design, I have some secret weapons in my tool belt. Some go-to items that I never skip.

Take a stroll through some of my Dallas clients’ homes and see what I used to bring fresh life into their spaces….

Farmhouse Dining Room Dallas
You’ve heard of late bloomers, but tulips are the early bloomers, and what a statement they make when these colorful stunners pop up on the first warm days. I’m giving you permission to scoop up a bouquet of tulips or any fresh flowers as you’re heading to the grocery checkout line!  You’re welcome.
What brings softness to the lines of architecture and furniture like plants do? In this rustic Texas ranch house, we used miniature olive trees and magnolia to welcome the sun into the room.
No sun? Or just a little? Follow my lead and use artificial plants! There are so many lifelike stand-ins for everything from boxwood to succulents.
Have you discovered PLANT POWER yet? From bedside table to bookcase to bathroom shelving, greenery brings texture and life to every space. I use plants or plant lookalikes in every room I decorate!
How about this cheery combo for spring: chippy paint, iron and wood drawer pulls, and a pretty bunch of white ra
ranunculus informally arranged in a galvanized pitcher?  Yep, says farmhouse to me!
Houseplants are totally IN these days–and succulents in particular. The cool thing about succulents is, you have to look really close to see if they’re real or not!  So pull them into your tabletop vignettes, friends!

(The appeal of plant life extends to cotton bolls, too.  This great natural material lends of touch of the great outdoors to your interiors.)

Dallas Farmhouse bedroom interior design
No green thumb? Even a FAUX fiddleleaf fig from your local home decor store will anchor a grouping or fill an awkward space with its height and showy foliage.

BUT if you are fond of indoor gardening, with REAL plants you get improved air quality as well as decor points.

Can you see why plants are my secret weapon and why I love decorating with them?

Inspired to include the look of nature indoors? How can I help you style with plants? Let’s talk!