So it’s 101 degrees out there, and you’re lying in the hammock thinking about—CHRISTMAS, right?

NO??! Well, why not? Oh sure, patio furniture and pool toys are on sale right now, but if you do the smart thing and think ahead a season, you can find incredible buys on Christmas decorations in the heat of summer! Where? Garage sales, of course!

entry table christmas

Friends, I confess I am the Queen of Thrift. Therefore, I can assure you that you can greatly extend your Christmas budget by shopping for holiday items at summer garage sales.

But don’t just meander the sales being distracted by ugly lamps and well-loved stuffed toys. Be laser-focused!

Shop for Christmas greenery

First, of course, you’ll want to scout out Christmas trees of all sizes in good condition. (Doesn’t everyone decorate with multiple trees?) Also watch for nice pine wreaths you can customize with your own designs, like tiny framed Santa photos. Awwwww. 

christmas wreath with framed photos

I mean, c’mon–even mini kitchen utensils could be part of a wreath design.  Hmmm, what little objects might you find at a garage sale that would make an adorable wreath?

Christmas traditions

Shop for additions to your collections

I have a ton of fun making the rounds of garage sales with my list of most desired holiday items. I’m always on the lookout for little bottlebrush trees in all colors. I also search out vintage putz houses, a sweet collection my mother began for me years ago.

What do you collect? Elves? Santa mugs? Reindeer? Gingerbread figures? Shiny Bright ornaments? Some garage sale out there right now has what you collect, I guarantee it! (Think of all the folks who cleaned out their closets during the pandemic. That treasure is just waiting for you, if you know what you’re looking for!)

snow village bottle brush display

Shop for Santas and snowmen, naturally

My Christmas collections actually began with a vintage Santa figure I found at a garage sale.  He was tucked in a corner and I had to ask if he was for sale, but when I took him home that day, my passion for vintage Santas was ignited! If you don’t have a collection, this might be the year you discover that hobby! (Check back here later for advice on displaying collections.)

vintage santa figures

Shop for holiday dishes

I always look at garage sales for special holiday dishes. Even if they’re not holiday themed, if they have the colors you decorate with, grab them up! What else for the table? Check for linens like colorful plaids or even holiday colored tea towels or fabric you can fashion into placemats and runners. Tip: small stockings make adorable flatware holders.

christmas dishes

You don’t even have to find complete sets.  Mix, don’t match! I like to layer them with my other dishes for a custom look.

Christmas table setting

Maybe, like me, you have a weakness for Christmas plates. Hey, you’re not limited to to using them for meals. Create wall decor with mismatched holiday plates!

decorating with Christmas plates

Finally, a pro tip for garage sale success

Ready to get out of the hammock and score the best Christmas decorations and additions to your collections? Here’s my tried and true advice: plan to attend sales in nicer neighborhoods where the decorations will likely be more high-end. Some folks actually change out their holiday decorations every year, so you could be the beneficiary of their redecorating. 

vintage santas

Have some home renovations you’d like to complete before Christmas? Start now! I’d love to help you bring your vision to life.

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