When you envision “man cave decor”, what images come to mind? Braveheart posters? Kegerators and vinyl furniture in team colors? Well, if that’s what he wants, I say go for it (if you can confine it to the basement or attic, maybe?)

But if we expand our thoughts about man caves to include not just sports and alcohol, but tastefully decorated spaces dedicated to the other pursuits of the man of the house, that could be…

men's home office decor

…his office! This client’s room was a blank slate. We painted, added the built-ins, lighting, and tin ceiling treatment– and brought in all the masculine decor. Now the owner says, “Finally, a room just for me.”

man cave decor ideas

I think the globe collection is a knockout! If the only travel your guy gets is the commute to and from the office, here’s a way to inject a little globe trotting into his life.

man cave decor ideas

We moved the comfy leather seating in from the living room.  The gallery wall features family photos AND vintage masculine-themed items.

man cave decor ideas

The gun barrel blue walls are the right shade of moody cool. Who needs a pool table? (Well, maybe he does, but just not here.)

man cave decor ideas

The single guy who hired me for his loft redo knew just what he wanted–a man’s space without the cheesy bachelor vibe. I think we nailed it! The two-story motorcycle mural we commissioned and the punch of orange accents says “Vrrrooom”! Leather seating, soft textiles, some raw wood pieces and the gleam of stainless steel…oh yeah.

man cave decor ideas

No florals here, folks.  The owner likes the swiss cross graphic so we repeated it in several places–the living room rug and here in the bedroom. The very spare color palette gives a masculine air to the spaces.

Dallas designer man cave decor ideas

Just so you know, I’m not ruling out sports or music or posters in the man’s space.  This client’s love of music dictated that we keep the instruments close at hand for any impromptu jam sessions that might come up!

man cave decor ideas

Also in that rec room: bright artwork and vintage accessories that also welcome the whole family.

But, hey, if Dad wants to take it over for pool night with his buddies, that’s ok, right?

Dallas interior designer rustic farmhouse

Gotta love our guys! If you’re needing some help planning a man space in your home,  Let’s talk!

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