Some days are, y’know, no-makeup-just-takin’-care-o’-biz days. But then, SHAZAM! Some days it feels like I am getting to live out my wildest dreams!
This week is pretty near the top of the dreams list: I’m being featured shopping at Texas’ Original Round Top Antiques Fair for an article in Country Home magazine!


photo shoot round top antiques fair

So here I am shopping to my heart’s desire at one of the premiere flea market towns in the whole wide world, followed by a camera guy and an editor and we are brainstorming all the best finds. Yeah. Pretty much the dream job.

photo shoot round top antiques fair

But here’s where you learn that God is doing his part to make sure I don’t get the big head from all this attention.

We’re out there shopping, posing, and clicking away when one of the vendors asked why they had a camera. When our photographer explained what the article was and how they are following me, she looked at him and loudly said,


photo shoot round top antiques fair

I was standing in the booth looking at something and she obviously didn’t know that, and when I heard her question I almost laughed out loud.
No, girl, no. You are not supposed to know who I am, because every other day I meet you I am wearing a tank, jeans, and tennis shoes. Today I have a spray tan and curled hair and the photographer is taking a shot of my lunch. But I’m still that “fast-footed bargain hunter” who was in here last time working with you on a better price for that vintage silver trophy!

photo shoot round top antiques fair

I loved her question and how she put it. Because we all want to know the people we think we should know, right? She was just really honest about it, which makes it even better! It gave me a HUGE laugh and my husband won’t stop repeating it.

After seeing these behind the scenes shots, I totally feel like a model. I am pretty sure my next stop is my own tv show, right? I mean, what is the point of dreaming SMALL after having such a BIG week?

photo shoot round top antiques fair

But wait!  There’s more! 
Would you like to come shopping WITH me?

I’m taking a limited group on a VIP shopping trip to the Ellis County Vintage Market Days on Sunday, Oct. 6. Come with us! (No professional camera guys, just our iPhones!) There’s still time to register for this amazing day of treasure hunting with the bonus of my professional design advice: Is this vintage or a reproduction? Is it a good buy? Where could I use it in my home?

Just ask last year’s VIP shoppers–it’s a blast! Join us!

For more info and registration, click on the link below.