Where to stay. Where to shop. What to bring. What to wear.

Where is Round Top, Texas?

  • When people say they went to “Round Top, Texas’, they might not be referring to actual JUST Roundtop, Tx, as weird as that sounds.


  •  This name includes numerous towns in the area of Round Top, TX- Warrenton,  La Grange, Carmine, Brenham, etc.


  • Most people just refer to the show as Roundtop but it actually encompasses the entire stretch of shopping.

photo shoot round top antiques fair

What is Roundtop, Tx close to?

The big cities include Waco, Houston, Austin


 How far is Round Top, TX from…..(Dallas, Houston, Austin)?

  • How far is Round top, Texas from Austin?
    • 1 hour 14 mins.
  • How far is Round top, Texas from Houston?
    • 1 hour 30 mins
  • How far is Round top, Texas from Dallas?
    • 3 hrs 30 mins
  • How far is Round top, Texas from Waco?
    • 2 hours


Things to do in Roundtop, Texas.

This is my favorite source for non antique week schedules and things to do in and around Round top.

Is Roundtop Cancelled in 2020?

No. According to Roundtop.com everyone is working together to take extra safety measures this year for safe shopping.

In a spirit of collaboration, venues have agreed to adopt enhanced health standards for their individual shows to include mandatory masks for shoppers and dealers when social distancing cannot be achieved; shopping set up to ease the ability to remain socially distant; capacity limits according to state standards at the time; and enhanced hand-sanitizing facilities….Venues with enclosed areas will have enhanced procedures to provide for healthy shopping and dining.

Helpful dates, schedule and sources that are constantly updating.



A couple of quick points about Roundtop Antique Week:

  • It stretches over an official span of a week but includes weeks before and after.
  • Also you must know that cell service is just a tad better than being buried underground.
  • And…it can be hard to find any bathroom that, um, cannot be carried away on a truck.

However, friends, do not let these small oddities deter you!

Round top, Tx is my favorite Texas flea market!

If you can soldier through the little inconveniences, it will be absolutely the BEST, MOST UNIQUE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE you will ever find ANYWHERE!

I kid you not, Round Top is GREAT! So here’s the skinny on the ultimate fleamarketpalooza:

Is Round Top, Texas open year around?


When is Roundtop Flea Market?    Generally, (and only generally), the spring show is the first weekend of April and the fall show is the first weekend of October.  The bigger sales within the show have different start and end times, so almost no matter when you go, different sellers will be open.

To explain, One Roundtop Calendar site  explains,”More than 60 shows opening and closing on different dates in and around the Round Top – Warrenton area over a three week period.”

How big is the Roundtop Antique Show?


Think Canton’s First Monday on steroids

X 100

X the number of Friends reruns on TBS.

Roundtop.com specifies “The show itself stretches 20-plus miles, largely along State Highway 237 in Fayette County. The majority of the retail venues are in open-air buildings and barns and temporary tents.”

Even you stay the entire two weeks of the show,

you cannot POSSIBLY see it all!


Where can I stay in Round top?

It can be difficult to find a place to stay in town since the population of Roundtop, Texas is about 90.

Like, 90 people. I know that is obvious, but I wanted to make sure you knew I wasn’t leaving off a zero or three.

Where should I stay for the Roundtop Antique Show?

  • I recommend starting by finding a hotel room in an area in the surrounding 20-30 miles of Round Top (like Brenham or La Grange).
  • Most people stay this far out since the towns are larger and have numerous hotels, and it’s just a quick jaunt to the shopping area in Round Top.
  • If you would like to stay closer to the show, there are B&B’s in town but you will pay a premium during the weeks of the show.
  • (However, for the serious shopper, what you lose in higher hotel charges, you gain in shopping time! Score!)


How to Shop Round Top

Some personal favorites and must-see stops (other than vintage Christmas anything, HOW CAN I POSSIBLY CHOOSE?!)

Roundtop Antique Show 2020

As for the actual shopping, I’m telling you, no matter where you stop, you will hit gold. It truly depends on your style and price point. The sellers range from high-end European antiques to rusty vintage items in the fields. So here is the Supreme Shopping Tip that needs to guide you: No matter what you find, you have to get it home!  Every time I drive off with Round Top in the rear view mirror, I am squashed up tightly to the driver-side door because my car is jam-packed with every imaginable item that I COULD NOT LEAVE  BEHIND.

But as long as I don’t have to roll down my window to fit into the the driver’s seat, I’m down for just ONE MORE PURCHASE!

My favorite Roundtop Vendors


photo shoot round top antiques fair


Royers Round Top Cafe – OMP (Oh My Pie!), people, you must sample these homemade wonders. I keep trying new flavors and love them all, especially when sweet meets salty with chocolatey deliciousness!

Townsend Provisions– adorable gift shop and the biggest collection of vintage cowboy boots

Blue Hills– a collection of cute booths and a nice restroom (that was extremely important when I was 9 months pregnant, got home from Roundtop and had a baby! Yes, Round Top is that good–I wouldn’t miss it even for advanced almost-babyness!)


Need more info? I like these sites to stay on top

of Roundtop Texas Antique Week news.


Roundtop Chamber of Commerce 

What Should I Bring to Round Top Flea Market?

Bring CASH.

This is not Homegoods.

It is a field with terrible wifi.

Cash is king.


  • A change of clothes for any season you can think of- including rain
  • Seriously comfy shoes
  • Rain boots
  • Makeup remover- you will feel dirty
  • Water and snacks
  • A way to get your stuff home. A truck. Straps. Moving blankets. Come ready that you will have nothing and will find the treasure of your life. Tarps. We have hauled home antiques in pouring rain and the one year you don’t bring it is the year you need it.
  • There is a mercantile store if you need anything. It closes at 6, which is really weird when you are hungry for a snack at 7:30 and everything in town is closed.
  • Did I say Cash? Cash. CASH. And some checks if you still have that old fashioned contraption.

No matter what plans you make, remember there is no wrong way to shop this week! Drive until you see something that looks interesting, park and shop! (Warning: it will ALL look interesting!)

I had the amazing opportunity to be followed in this month’s issue of Country Home, so for the full guide to shopping Roundtop, check it out!

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