Sprucing Up Your Curb Appeal.


Whether you are looking to add your home to a robust seller’s market or just want to spruce up your curb appeal for personal pleasure, these 5 ways are sure-fire ways to add flare to your home.


  1. Add house numbers. 


You’d be surprised how many houses either have no house numbers or faded ones. House numbers are like mascara for your home. It’s not a big thing but it makes a huge difference! Pick big, stylish numbers that pop against your house color.


2. Take your window screens off

 Dirty window screens and/or dirty windows are the equivalent of letting those little sleepies ride around in your eyes all day. They are a small thing- but very noticeable. 

A window hack I found is that Windex makes an attachment you screw onto your water hose. It makes window washing super easy and fast. If you can stand to leave off those screens your house will look updated without you spending a dime.

3.Update your porch: 

These simple things add a really easy pick me up and curb appeal-

    • Pick a popping paint color for your front door.
    • Add ferns to bring easy to keep greenery from the yard to the living spaces.
    • Weed the flowerbeds and add mulch. Even if you don’t plant flowers- the mulch creates a beautiful barrier between your yard and your porch.
    • Add a pop of special in your outdoor mat. Add a pretty rug beneath the functional feet mat. A gingham pattern, or complementary pop to your front door can really add a lot to the look of your home.
    • A colorful or meaningful wreath is a great way to complete a front door.
    • Give your outside furniture a good wash! If it’s faded a can of spray paint it wood stain goes a long way in breathing life into aged furniture.
    • Power wash your porch and walkway.

4. Give your lawn some love: These few ideas will give your grass new life! 

    • Has your grass grown some bald spots over winter? Even out your grass. And grass seed or square sod to bald spots in your lawn. Most grass seed germinates in under a week so you’ll have new grass in no time.
    • Get a really good edger and give your grass boundaries around curbs, walkways and steps.
    • Move all doghouses and kids toys to the backyard. Not only is this safer- it adds so much to the curb appeal of your home.
    • Take out dead plants, non-functional decor, or things that are constantly looking dirty- I’m looking at your 1970’s birdbath.


5. Want to go one step further: Repaint your front-facing trim. 

The trim on the front of your house is the most seen. Give it a good quick coat of paint and it’ll look like you painted your whole house but for a fraction of the cost!

These affordable and simple ways to spruce your curb appeal are like giving your home a day in a high-end salon and a Neumann Marcus makeover! And you get to reap all the benefits!