The State Fair has just begun here in Dallas, and as a native area Dallasite, it is one of my favorite times of year.  Because food, family time–and Big Tex!

(Psst–you will surely find some unique fried foods at our State Fair. Check out this year’s Top Ten New Foods. There’s Big Red Chicken Bread. And Ruth’s Stuffed Fried Mexi-Cone. And Fernie’s Fried Burnt End Burrito. How to choose?!)

This time of year, I always have to throw it back to one of my favorite projects, a set of three Airbnbs with three different themes, including THIS ONE that celebrated my love for the great State Fair of Texas.

dallas designer carnival room

I was contacted by a travel company to design a colorful, fun and festive Airbnb that celebrates all things Texas–and specifically Dallas. Once I did the first one, they liked it so much they called me back to do two more!  We completed this State Fair apartment in just two weeks, so it was a whirlwind of color and creativity to pull it off under budget and to hit the tight deadline.

Carnival Room

This project was a blast because I was able to take a corporate-bland, stale-looking, empty modern apartment and infuse it with terrific personality and spunk! No detail was overlooked, right down to the Texas-sized boot.

I love the idea that people are coming from all over the world to stay here and getting a taste of how fun Texas can be.

dallas designer carnival bedroom

The best part of this project was incorporating authentic carnival artifacts. The State Fair generously shared old ribbons for the ribbon walls and dining room.  Other items came from closed amusement parks, including roller coaster and cotton candy signs and a grab-bag barrel turned into a side table.

dallas designer airbnb bedroom

We obviously, um, hit our target: the space even got written up in the Dallas Morning News. This crazy fun project fueled my dream of doing more unique Airbnbs like this one!

dallas designer airbnb bedroom

Texas does its own take on the ol’ red, white and blue, so of course we used it everywhere!

dallas designer airbnb dining room

 From cacti to coke bottle candy, we infused every inch of  this property with a big State Fair HOWDY!

Vintage Texas  books are available to read, and real fair candy is left for guests to munch on.

dallas designer texas bookshelves

A vacation home is a great place to bring in some punch and personality. Needing some help with yours? Let’s talk!

dallas designer airbnb

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