Texas friends, we have been through the wringer this week, haven’t we?

And I know we are not out of the woods yet. 

Here’s how things went for us during the Texas snowstorms.

Let’s Start with a Game

I am not sure what your week has looked like, but if we were playing a game and I got the point for everything on this list, I would have ALL the points. 

For instance, point if you:                            

  • Slept in your outside coat
  • Saw 49 degrees on your thermostat…inside
  • Took a cold shower
  • Tried to warm up by holding a lit candle
  • Tried to thaw a frozen pipe with a hairdryer
  • Wore the same clothes for another day
  • Cleaned up the mess from a busted pipe
  • Found your backyard full of water from overflowed pipes
  • Took hot showers, hot showers, and working plumbing for granted    
  • Read up on the Texas Power Grid
  • Cried after reading electric updates on social media 

To make a long week shorter, here it is in photos: 

Photo Recap



The Last Stage of Texas Snow (And Relief)

Last night we got a call from our neighbor that our electricity might be on.

It was hardly too much to believe. I felt like it would be such a tease since it went on and off so many times early in the week. 

When I walked into the house, and it was warm, I burst into tears. I cannot tell you the relief and overwhelm to be in a house that felt so frigid for so many days this week. 

I did one thing when I walked in the door. 

I took a hot bubble bath.

What would you do after returning home to settle in and treat yourself?        

I needed it. I needed to sit in a roomy, full tub of hot water and wash off the day.

Wash off the fear. Wash off the hardship that has come from being misplaced day after day.

And a bath will do that, won’t it? At least, it does for me. Some people are not bath people, but I am. I think in the bath. I listen to music in the bath. I de-stress in the bath. I feel better after a good, hot bath.

Home Updates

When we moved to this house, I knew I would need a bathtub in the master, and it would need to be a showstopper. As soon as I saw this one (from Vintage Tub), I was in love.

Oxford Pedestal Tub

The black bottom is so unique, and I love the side drain gold hardware. I reached out to find out details about it, and they were so fantastic and helpful. I appreciated this.

Plus, there is stuff about bathtubs I don’t always remember– like needing a matching drain if I wanted brass faucets. And Vintage Tub reminded me! 

Do you give your bathrooms enough TLC? Here are a few throwback photos of my old bathroom space! 

So, right when I got home today, I appreciated all these choices that got me to this awesome hot bath.

Let’s Stick Together Texas

I felt so thankful, and I want to give a big shout-out to hot water, hot baths, electricity, hotel rooms, rising temperatures, and working pipes.

What are you thankful for this week?

  • How are you, my friend?
  • Do you have electricity now?
  • If not, how are you surviving?
  • Are you with friends or family?
  • Do you know someone that is need?
  • How can we help you? 

My heart goes out to so many of my neighbors this week. We are all in this together.

(To donate to a non-profit helping homeless people during this time, visit linktr.ee/dfwmutualaid)

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