Updated: I am answering the top questions I am getting this season about where to shop and WHAT to get!!

Buying holiday decor isn’t just about aesthetics–it’s about helping us SET the MOOD.

I’m all about creating a meaningful and warm experience for the people that I love. Holiday designing does just that–it gives us a comfortable place to celebrate.

That’s the biggest (and best) part.

We could all benefit from a warmer and happier holiday season, right?  Today, we’re talking about the best places (and times) to buy Christmas decorations. We’ll cover quick updates to get all of your rooms lookin’ good so that you have a comfortable place to celebrate this holiday season. 

Where to buy holiday decor

We love ALL the festive Christmas rituals, like decorating our trees with new charms and nostalgic ones. Or finding high-quality essentials that have a built-in smile factor. 

This year I am loving: (Click on the link  below to check availability)

To get our holiday decor plans in motion, here are our go-to shopping links for budget-friendly Christmas decorations:

Our 5 essential decor pieces to shop for:

➀ It’s all About Front Door Decor

Nothing says, “I love my home and Welcome!” like a well-dressed front door. Let’s start with the basic, fresh non-slip outdoor mat. Especially important for cleaning off shoes drenched in dirt and snow.

Mats add function and texture to your front door. With a new door knocker and luscious green wreath, you’ll welcome in the holiday season with STYLE.

Birch Lane has a few beautiful designs– some whimsy and other classics. I love this one, too! 

Outdoor Inflatables

This 8ft. inflatable national lampoons Christmas vacation station wagon is a classic! Plus, the packaging includes everything you need for easy, outdoor setup. It self-inflates in seconds and tucks away for easy storage all-year around.

Adding an outdoor accessory that’s fun will brighten the mood of your home for sure!

➂ Artificial Christmas Trees

We get it! Not everyone has the time to pick out and maintain a fresh tree. The good news is that Wirecutter takes out the guesswork in finding a faux one.

These pine babies are just as stunning as the real thing.

This list describes many options that will work best for your home, budget, and lifestyle.

➃ Lights

You CAN NOT overlook the lighting for your exterior or interior. We always talk about how lighting is a crucial element in design.

You don’t have to stick to the green and red hues, either.

This remains true during the holiday season!  Whether you love string lights or icicle ones, there’s something on this list for everyone!

If you’re also not a huge fan of traditional lights AND the work it takes to hang them, install accent lighting instead.

➄ Bring Cheer with Details

Small details make all the difference.

Get creative, y’all! I once made a lamp from vintage coffee cans, because, why not?

Show off your wrapped gifts by lining your staircase with them in different patterns. Try pine-scented candles to set the mood or add pretty vignettes to your home.

Make some time to DIY a few decor pieces with your kiddos like handmade holiday candles. We love upcycling mason jars by frosting them with Epsom salt for a faux snowed in look. Here’s a great tutorial by a Pumpkin and a Princess.

How to buy Christmas decorations

When you’re shopping, pick a theme and style that resonates with you and your family. It doesn’t have to be picture-perfect or stay true to the classic red and forest green color scheme.

  • Think about what inspires you!
  • What makes you feel good?
  • Which colors do you love?

Don’t forget!

Whether you want to deck out your home like it’s the North Pole.

OR keep the holiday magic to a basic elegance, it’s all about you.

Of course, look to Pinterest or Instagram to get inspired but don’t compare your home or style choices to others. Go BIG or keep it minimalistic.

Whatever you choose, buy holiday decor that feels good to you and fills your home with bright, cheery vibes.

The options are endless!

Still clueless?

You can never go wrong with greenery, lights, and faux fur accents. They are guaranteed to fill your empty spaces with life and the warmth of the season!


Lacking inspo? Let’s chat…

We hope these quick holiday decor tricks will shine your home without the hassle.

Holidays are undoubtedly a special time of year.

It’s a chance for us to ease into winter and make our homes look beautiful for the holiday season. Plus, holiday traditions are such a fun way to burst joy into our home and lives.

As always, good design allows YOU to start every day with happy.

I’m excited to walk on this journey of life, family, and with you. If you’ve got any design dilemmas or questions on your mind, please get in touch!

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