Designing and building a custom house

The year was 1999.

 I was a young woman siting by my new fiancé in pre-martial counseling, and considering the year, I probably had dark lipliner with glossy lighter lips and a baggy sweater and carpenter jeans. 

I was sure my soon to be husband was in love with Britney Spears that year, and let’s face it, I was too. (She was adorable..) With stars in our eyes, we listened as our wise counsel advised us that the best investment to make in a home is to start small and build you way up. And it made a lot of sense. We didn’t have a lot of experience in much of life, but when the temptation was to  max out our credit and live in the nicest house we could afford, we lived below our means and tried to use our homes as investments. 

Which means that when the market was good, we sold it. 


Which also mean that we moved- A LOT. And that was a huge hassle. 

Because WHO LIKES MOVING?!! It is about as fun as that time I tried to create family memories and drove all my kids around to look at Christmas lights. But they were all miserable and complained and we all ended up crying. 

Oh wait. 

That was just me. 

I am the one that ended up crying. #forcedfamilyfun 

Anyway, financially, when we followed the advice that we got way back in our college days, it paid off. 

What is the first step to build a house?

Which means 20 years later, we are JUST NOW seeing the investment we made pay off and getting to enjoy the toil of moving so so many times. Today is the day we move into the home we have dreamed about. 

Is it our forever home? Who knows? Who can say what forever holds! I know we are blessed to have this opportunity and we will be blessed when it is over. 

But it is not luck, by any means. Maybe some people just “fall into” getting to move into a lovely home, but we are not those people. 

How long it takes to build a custom home

Building this home is only the result of sowing and reaping, saving when it would be more fun to spend, and all the non glamorous things like staycations instead of ski trips.  And believe me- I am the personalty that wants to have FUN ALL THE TIME.  So this did not come naturally to me. 

I say that to encourage you to stay in the race- don’t give up that goal. Saving and investing is the opposite of glamorous- and it is not the “fun” option. It won’t make you the popular kids to hang out with. It gets old. It feels unsatisfying. It feels like the payoff is forever away. But if you start small, if you start where you are, if you just START you will get there, bit by bit.

And today we did. We closed on the house that we set out to build so long ago. Is it perfect? No way. Is it your dream house? Probably not. But is it a culmination of hard work and dreams and boots on the ground?

Heck yes. 

Will you go on this journey with us?

Will you allow me to celebrate this moment in our family by letting you into our home?

I have had the amazing opportunity to work with some of my favorite brands that I have met through IG, and when your work gets to come home to your family, that is pretty rewarding. 

I would love to show you around if you are up for it. And if you want to tell me your dreams and goals- I would love that even more. Because I will cheer you on- if we can achieve the goals we set- you can too. Just start. 

What goal you want to be celebrating in 20 years? 

Do you wish for a dream home that fits your design style and life?

I’m all about helping you love your home and create spaces that feel comfortable for you and your family! I can also help you through any design questions (big or small), hardware choices, or space planning!

I offer a complimentary, no-strings-attached phone call consultation. We can also consult by video conference. If you’d like to meet at your home, please know we will use all current safety protocols.


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