I see New York Fashion Week starts February 8. Are you a person who gets excited about The Next Thing in fashion? Or maybe you’re someone who really loved a trend last year that is totally OUT this year and you’re so bummed.   
Home decor trends also rise and fall, my friends.  Of course, the classics will always be in style, but I think it’s useful to scan the current decor offerings and see which new colors, materials, shapes and finishes we might like to incorporate into our next home projects. Because what’s going to be at retailers is what designers and manufacturers say is IN right now!
Here are a few trends you’ll be seeing (or seeing more of) in 2019. I’m happy to observe from these forecasts that the design work I’m doing is “on trend”–but most importantly, I’m delighted that my clients are falling in love with their homes again!
1.  MOODY DARK HUES for kitchen cabinets, such as blue, black and green. This project was a redesign of an existing kitchen and the homeowner was amazed at the punch the dark blue cabinets added.
2: NEW FLORALS in fabrics and wallpapers. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make a statement, and the whimsical floral accent wall we added to my client’s dining nook was all it needed to say “Oh, yeah!”
3: RICH, SATURATED COLORS. Easy enough to use brights for my client’s grandchildren in their new playroom, but we hear that 2019 will feature brighter colors in any room in the house. Is there a room at your house that could benefit from a splash of color?

4: WARMER WHITES AND NEUTRALS, along with lots of jewel tones. Greys and greyed tones are still a strong choice for interiors, but color choices seem to be warming a bit in the coming year.

5 and 6: OPEN SHELVING and PATTERNED TILE. This remodel of a dark 80’s kitchen that was long past its prime is one of my favorite projects, and the homeowners couldn’t be more pleased with its new perky personality. See kitchen and the other gorgeous rooms in this home here.

7: TWEED AND NUBBY FABRICS. Continuing the trend of layers of texture, tactile fabrics like tweed, linen and wool are increasingly popular. In my client’s formerly oh-so-brown-and-baronial bedroom, we brought in not only light paint but some nicely tailored appointments. The upholstered chest is a knockout!
8: HANDMADE and ARTISANAL accessories. Oh, the terrific counterpoint that cypress knee coffee table is to the restrained lines of upholstery and drapes in this clients’ living room! Ditto the hammered metal and handmade wooden pieces!  In this increasingly high tech world, we need the balance of the perfectly imperfect, right?
Does something in this lineup sing to you? It really is a joy to help my clients navigate the murky waters of design and home fashion! When it comes to decor trends, I can help you sort the good from the fad–let’s talk!

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