Video Call in Your Pajamas? Well, Maybe.

how to set up video call
Social distancing. Introverts have been waiting their entire lives for this moment, right? As we adjust to necessary (and, we trust, temporary) changes to the way we conduct business, I see that many of us are in need of video conferencing guidelines.
Now, about video calls in your pj’s, I would say, “ONLY as long as what shows above the desk is at least business casual!” We won’t be checking for Mickey Mouse slippers. For more video conferencing guidelines, check here.
business call computer
To be honest, on a video call I find myself at least as distracted by what’s behind the speaker as by what he or she is wearing.  Surely you have seen this video of a dad  whose children walk in on his news interview. Hey, things happen.
home office video call
But even discounting the kid factor, our homes aren’t always ready (unlike above) to host video calls. What if you fixed that?  How would you design the background to 1) be pleasant and 2) keep the focus on you, not what’s behind you?
Here’s a video conferencing tool you won’t see everywhere.  I’m going to illustrate it with this bookshelf behind my Waco client’s desk. It’s ok, but–hmmm, those books lined up like a library and marching right through his head on camera!
bookshelf stying before
So I did some rearranging.  And added a few little items.
arranging bookshelf
A little high, a little low…
bookshelf styling after
Suddenly, soooo much better. (And besides, it makes you look so cool and interesting!)
courtney warren video
This week, I have wondered how I can “do my part” as we adjust to social distancing, telecommuting, and the new normal.
So I am pleased to offer this free video resource for how to make your video calls more appealing and less distracting!

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