Yes, Virginia, there are cheesy Christmas decorations.
Santa toilet seat cover? You have to see to believe.
Antler hat ring toss game? I’m not kidding.
Christmas decor can run to tacky in a New York minute. Will you allow me to help you avoid the pitfalls of mass-produced Christmas schmaltz with a few tips?
This year I’m all about holiday decor that’s simple, nature inspired, and vintage (because, I confess, I do love all things Past Perfect!
Tip #1. It doesn’t have to say “Christmas” to use it in your holiday decor.

Yes, the dance sign does say Christmas, but even though the vintage game board, number 25 sign, and old pails do not, they work together to create a perfect  farmhouse mantel that is unique and cheery.

Tip #2. It doesn’t have to be red and green, either.

Depend on evergreens to carry the holiday mood into the bedroom. Who wouldn’t want to wait for Santa in this bed dressed for cold nights with cozy velvet and knit throws? The combination of blues and metallics brings to mind moonlight on snow! The chippy window frames are just the right touch of vintage in this otherwise transitional decor.

Tip #3. Use plaids (and if it’s vintage plaid, all the better!)

Still have Grandad’s old lunch Thermos? It’s a great time to bring it out. What says winter like a red plaid? Ah, just imagine it full of hot cocoa… (A lamp made of vintage coffee cans? Why not? The red adds a touch of Christmas color, but no need to remove after the holidays.)

Tip #4. It doesn’t have to be a matched set. 

Our tree is a happy conglomeration of memories, from baby shoes to Disneyworld silhouettes to mismatched keepsake ornaments and Santa photos.  The black and white swirl of ribbon from top to bottom ties it all together.  What little pieces of memorabilia would make your tree uniquely yours?

Tip #5. When life gives you oddments, make a wreath.

Little collections, whether figurines, ornaments, or vintage kitchen tools, don’t get the attention they deserve when scattered around a room (and can make a space look clutter-y). Instead, wire the pieces to a wreath for instant impact! Wouldn’t it be fun to talk to your family or guests about where the pieces came from?

Raise your right hand and repeat after me: “I will use what I have, especially old family keepsakes and genuinely vintage items, to make holiday decor that’s memorable, uniquely me, and not cheesy.”  

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