Fathers Day Giveaway, Barbecue–and Vintage Decor Ideas!

Happy Fathers Day! In honor of dads everywhere, I want to tell you a delightful grillin’ guy story, and what happened when I got involved in it!

Once upon a time there was a hardworking VP in the technology field who really, really enjoyed his hobby of barbecue-ing. In fact, he was so good at this side gig, he appeared on the reality show “BBQ Pitmasters”,  won tons of prizes at BBQ festivals all over the country and met famous country singers and everything!  Then, just like in the stories, this Prince of Barbecue decided to be true to himself and gave up his corporate tech crown. This spring, on the fifth anniversary of his online BBQ seasonings and apparel store, he opened his flagship BBQ store in Waxahachie, Texas.

Welcome to….MEAT CHURCH!

vintage decor ideas

Now, where does the interior designer come into the tale? Well, I’ll tell you. I reached out to Matt to collaborate on the decor of his new store.  The site is a really cool old downtown building which just needed some styling to achieve that vintage vibe he was looking for.

Dallas interior designers vintage decor ideas

(What? I need to go to Canton and garage sales looking for vintage items?! Twist my arm!)

Dallas interior designer vintage decor ideas

My team and I descended on Meat Church with armloads of quirky vintage things–old lockers, baskets, signs, wooden boxes. In such a big space, we needed to add height with a variety of risers, and then fill in the gaps.

Dallas interior designer vintage decor ideas

Gathering up old things to repurpose in decor is ONLY my Favorite Thing to Do!

Dallas interior designer vintage decor ideas

Barbecue, baseball, America–well, YES!

vintage decor ideas

The whole install was so much fun! The details make all the difference. (Like, Matt wasn’t sure about his sign for hours of operation–he was thinking maybe vinyl on the glass–but I was able to connect him with my favorite vintage-style sign vendor. Ta-dah!)

Oh, and about that Fathers Day Giveaway, stay tuned to my Instagram for details!

Dallas interior designer vintage decor ideas

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