“Well, I saw this kitchen in a magazine…”

“I’ve brought home six different bed sets and the room STILL doesn’t look like I want.”

“This furniture looked great in the store. But at home, it’s all still so…meh.”

Friends, I get you. From day one, my goal has been to help my design clients move from STUCK to STYLISH.

courtney warren with clients

We’ve all been there.

1. You’ve just moved in and nothing works in the new place.

2. You’ve been in your home for YEARS and it’s all looking soooo stale.

3. The family has changed and your home doesn’t reflect the life you have NOW.

Trying to figure it out alone often leads you round in circles. You need help so that your dreaming is productive.

That’s what we do!

courtney warren design inspo board

Consider Paula, who was stuck as she tried to figure out a sleepover/play room for her grandchildren.  As we walked through her ideas together, we visualized a plan for her tired old den. With the new dream in hand, we transformed the room into a wowzer kid space she and the whole family loved!

courtney warren playroom before

courtney warren design playroom after

The other great thing about this successful redo is that the PREVIOUS sad little playroom…

office before courtney warren office before courtney warren

…we could re-imagine as Mimi Paula’s creative/office space!

home office courtney warren design

When Paula stepped into her new office space, she loved everything–and saw immediately that she couldn’t have envisioned this result by herself.

home office design courtney warren

It was a ton of fun to help dream up this colorful, sweet and whimsical room that can work as hard as Paula does. 

home office courtney warren design

When my clients say things like, “I am absolutely thrilled with my newly decorated master bedroom, bath and office.  Courtney is a natural at decorating. I could have never accomplished this look on my own. I highly recommend her…”, I am thrilled to know we succeeded at discovering and expressing their dream.

Most designers have a certain style they create. But I am much more interested in learning the style of my client and creating their dream space.  That is why I can work with all kinds of design styles and desires.  I have a method that I walk clients through that helps me learn their style to create a space that evokes their happiest memories.  I ask very specific questions to get to the heart of what people dream of.

dallas interior designer courtney warren

I am passionate about partnering with people to quiet the design chaos around them, so we  can focus on creating the space that feels authentically “them”.

Does this solution sound like something that would create both peace and excitement in your home?  Let me answer your questions in a complimentary phone call. Email me here to set it up.

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