Four walls, limitless possibilities–let us help you narrow them down. Our creative juices are flowin’ today, but we’re only thinking about decorating with wallpaper.

We know what’s on your mind.

Isn’t wallpaper a design trend of the past? Not anymore, y’all!

Wallpaper used to be a classic sign of dated decor. Or a reminder you’re sitting in your grandmother’s parlor. BUT, today’s wallpaper goes way beyond traditional floral prints and fruit illustrations for the kitchen. Use wallpaper in an entire space or for one accent wall. Either way, the right wallpaper can turn a BLAH room into something pretty magical.

Dallas Farmhouse Bedroom

Let’s talk about creative ways to decorate with wallpaper in ANY room.

5 Creative Ideas When Decorating with Wallpaper:

So, how do you go BOLD with wallpaper? Without being tacky?

⓵ Living Room Decor

Wallpaper adds instant style to any space. Especially in a living room where you often entertain and gather. If your space needs a little pep and sun, try a bright yellow flower print. If you have a traditional, formal parlor, try a classic stripe instead.

⓶ Kitchen

Wallcoverings make a design statement, too.

AND, they’re easy to clean.

Install wallpaper in your entire kitchen or on one feature wall. This is an effective way to be bold without overdoing it.

Most stains (unless they’re permanent ink) can be cleaned using a soft sponge and a little dishwasher soap and water. Don’t scrub too hard!

⓷ Stylish Singles

Not up for using wallpaper for an entire space or wall? Focus on a single area like your built-ins or bookshelves.

Think of something fun!

Metallic floral prints or bold colors can be a perfect backdrop for your picture frames and books. OR, try adding wallpaper just above your fireplace to make a focal point in the room. You can install wallpaper in the tiny rooms of your home too.

For example, use a wonky or bold pattern in your pantry.

This might give you an extra perk up in the mornings as you grab your coffee beans.

⓸ Furniture Toppers

Forget the walls for a minute!

Yes, you CAN put decorative wallpaper on table surfaces too!

If you have a vintage side table or old coffee table, add a piece of wallpaper on top. Then, place a custom sheet of glass to hold the paper down. This can instantly refresh your piece and hide any wood stains or damage underneath. Plus, you can swap it out in a few minutes as your styles or seasons change.

Decorating with wallpaper can transform dead furniture, for sure!

Use wallpaper for a bathroom cabinet with open shelving. This will turn up the design factor x2.

Get even more creative.

Install wallpaper on the seat of a kitchen chair that needs some TLC.

⓹ 50/50

You don’t always have to install ceiling-to-floor wallpaper, either. Treat wallpaper as less of a covering and more of a decorative panel. For example, if you have wood paneling on the bottom half of your wall, only use wallpaper on the top half. The same rule applies to bathrooms.

Pick wallpapers that fit your style and room theme.

Since there are SO many wallpaper options, the one you choose for your space can benefit you in many ways. 

Benefits of Decorating with Wallpaper

Dallas Designer French Country

-If you have a small space, using a big patterned wallpaper can make it feel larger.

-You can add some sheen and elegance. If you have a lackluster room, use a subtle pattern for your ceiling. For example, adding wallpaper that has muted gold tones can add instant charm.

-Mix and match patterns to cover imperfections in your walls or ceilings. Unless it’s a structural or safety concern, wallpaper is a great way to make a cosmetic fix.

Craft with Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be a great crafting project too. If you have boring storage options like plastic containers or cardboard boxes, cover them with wallpaper!

Cute organization that makes perfect storage sense for winter sweaters.

☆ PRO TIP – Test before you buy

If you’re not too sure about wallpaper, buy one roll. Pin it up in your space and come back throughout the day to view it in different lights.

It’s better to spend $50 now and see how it makes you feel. This way, you’re not stressed about committing to cheetah print right away (even though you love it).

☆ PRO TIP – Peel and stick

There are also peel and stick options now. If you have a powder room that you want to update for the holidays (but don’t want to live with it for a full year)–you can!

Peel away your old wallpaper without tons of elbow grease or pro help.

This is also PERFECT for nomads or renters.

5-min Overview: How to Install Wallpaper

We recommend hiring a pro, but here’s a DIY option too:

❐ Calculate the square footage of the wall. This will tell you how many many rolls of wallpaper you’ll need. Equation: Length x Width of your space / 144. Divide this number by the square foot coverage of wallpaper.

❐ Include square footage for doors and windows.  Buy an extra roll just in case!

❐ Turn the power off when you apply wallpaper. Don’t forget to remove outlets and light switch covers.

❐ Want your patterns to align between sheets? Map out your strips of wallpaper FIRST!

❐ Leave an extra six inches (for trimming) when you cut your wallpaper.

❐ Begin your project with an obscure corner. Leave three inches at the top AND bottom.

❐ Use your hands to work out any air bubbles.

❐ When adding your remaining wallpaper strips, match up patterns at eye level. Use a wallpaper knife and scissors to trim around the outlets and light switches.

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