Why I chose wallpaper to grow with my kid’s room: ⁠
He’s full of energy and full of life, but although he loves dogs, I didn’t feel that would age well.…

Instead, I chose something classy and colorful, spunky but will grow with him.

@MiltonandKing had the perfect wallpaper that captures the heart of and energy of Abe without being cheesy.⁠ #miltonandking



It instantly brightened up and created the perfect wow factor that was needed for this room. It brought a ton of color, fun, and great quality. The vintage pop soda label crates were a good choice for a fun and funny kid.

With his fun personality, he needed something with some spunk!! When he saw it for the first time, he tried to open up one of the drawers because it looks so realistic! Haha!

This wallpaper is the perfect mix of nostalgic and retro that will be great for this kid to grow up with!