The reality: I’m putting up a Christmas tree. But how about a little “alternate reality” when it comes to tree skirt ideas? Don’t do same-old, same-old! Here’s what I use instead of a tree skirt. Stand by for some fun and thoughtful alternatives to surround the base of your tree.

(If your mom made that appliqued circle skirt for you, though, be sure to use it–at least when she comes to visit!)

Tree Skirt Alternative #1 – Wrapped Boxes

This is one of my favorite new ways to surround the Christmas tree.  Have you seen creative new Christmas paper and package embellishments you’ve been dying to try? This is a great time to have some fun with those fresh ideas to make a beautiful surround for your tree. Simply wrap up large empty boxes in your tree’s theme and color scheme.

Once wrapped, position the boxes, slightly overlapping, around the base of the tree.  The extra fun in this approach is driving your kids crazy wondering what’s in the packages!

silhouette christmas tree courtney warren

Tree Skirt Alternative #2 – Large crate

If you’re a flea market junkie like me, you may already have vintage crates around the house, such as apple or wine boxes.  If so, simply set your tree with stand into the box before you begin decorating.

Fresh out of vintage wooden boxes? If you or your spouse is handy with a couple tools, you can easily create a box from an old wooden pallet or some scrap wood from your DIYing. Just find a tutorial on YouTube.

Tree Skirt Alternative #3 – Metal Tub

I love this idea, and it fits with decor from farmhouse to urban industrial. If you have a large flea market (or new) olive bucket, you’ll see it tapers from wide to narrow. So to use it for your tree, you’d want to flip it, remove or bend the handles so it sits flat, and cut out the base carefully with wire cutters. Set the bucket over your stand, then insert the tree post and tighten in place.

An even easier metal stand cover is to pick up a galvanized tub from the farm supply or home improvement store. Choose one proportional to the size of your tree base. You can paint it, apply a holiday vinyl cutout to the side, or any crafty idea you come up with. Just set your tree in its stand down into the tub and get to decorating!

Tree Skirt Alternative #4 – Wire or Wicker Basket

Ever come home from the thrift store with a large round basket that was just too good to pass up, then wonder what to do with it?  Make it a tree collar! This appeals to my thrifting nature–so smart! Carefully remove the handle, and cut out the bottom of the basket. Slip over your tree stand. Ta-dah!

A wire basket has similar style points. To hide the stand, you might want to fill the basket with pine, ornaments, pine cones, or other material that coordinates with your tree colors and scheme.

Inspired to ditch the traditional tree skirt? Do it!

Just don’t hurt mom’s feelings.

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