Any profession or hobby has a set of basic tools fit for that endeavor. You know, like a fisherman’s tacklebox. Using those basics in a variety of ways gets you a variety of results. Would you like to know some of my go-to decorating tools?

I find, when helping my clients with home decor, I reach for certain no-fail elements–but the outcomes are always different and pleasing! I invite you to look into my decor tacklebox, and feel free to use my tools to help make your home a place you love!


books in home decor


If you don’t want your home to look like a sterile furniture showroom, be sure to accent your rooms with items that help to tell the story of who you are and where you’ve been.  Books certainly help to do that, and they add personality, too. I confess to a love for all things vintage, so vintage books are a real go-to for me. But even if you have modern taste, layering in some vintage gives a your home an appealing, collected-over-time feel. Style with books whenever you can!

vintage books

Tool #2–TRAYS

Meet my friend Mr. Tray! He’s so accommodating and versatile!

I can’t say enough about trays.  I use them all around the homes I decorate–on console and coffee tables, dressers, vanities and kitchen counters.  They not only corral cosmetics, keys and remote controls, they provide a base for display of favorite items.

tray for display


Must. Have. Greenery.

Plants in our homes give us that connection to nature that we all crave.  They even provide health benefits by purifying the air! No green thumb? Even faux greenery can give us a  mood boost, as well as textural interest in our decorative groupings.  So definitely use this tool and plan for plants in all your spaces.


greenery in vignette


Variety is not only the spice of life, it’s a key ingredient for interesting groupings.  You’ll want variety not only in texture and shape, but in height as well. And to achieve that height difference, simply elevate some element of your vignette on a cake stand or riser.  Style like a designer by using this decor tool!


kitchen grouping


As I said at first, you want a home that is uniquely yours.  Sure, you’ll purchase some trendy accent pieces, but don’t forget those things that are one-of-a kind. Use your own belongings to personalize your rooms. For example, I created this vignette with items from my collection of vintage game pieces. And once, a client of mine tasked me with designing a guest room with her pet boxers as the theme! You get the idea: make your home your own!


coffee table vintage decor

Any of these tools can help you create beautiful and inviting rooms, so try them out and let me know how they worked for you.

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