Fall Decor.

When to decorate?

How soon is too soon?

I used to roll my eyes when craft stores put their fall decor out in August.

I am not sure about other states, but I feel like as a Texan, I might have a confused idea of the seasons.

After all, I did try to remedy a frozen sidewalk by applying sugar to it.

(Note: Salt works better). This is a true story.

We just don’t have all the seasons the same as the rest of the country.

So it feels strange to put out pumpkins while we are wearing flip flops.

It really does.

Then I had a “Pumpkin Epiphany.”

When should you decorate for fall?

When should you decorate for fall?

If I waited until it FELT like fall outside,

I started decorating for fall in October.

Maybe even November.

Then my pumpkins were out for about 3 weeks…then we celebrated Thanksgiving…then it was time for Christmas decor.

It felt like such a whirlwind, and I felt like I wasn’t really getting to enjoy the fall decor because it was out and up so fast.

Fall was beginning to feel like a pre-cursor to Christmas and I felt like I was rushing through it instead of enjoying it.

I know everyone has their own preference, but I have started to embrace the fall decor earlier in the season so I can enjoy it longer.

It may not FEEL like it outside, but I am going to have my pumpkins out until they rot and I gag when I throw them away.

Or ask Joel to throw them away.

When to put out fall decor


The first day of fall is September 22.

I will be ready for it?!

How about you?

Are you ready to bring out the pumpkin spice everything?

When do you decorate for fall?




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